Sunday, June 10, 2012


  Sorry I havent posted in awhile. I 've been busy with work and havent really felt like playing on the computer. Been fixing alot of fence lately. Trying to get around pastures that we will summer cows in. Making sure the fences are still up and no holes in them. We have been working cows around and branding. We branded a big jag of calves the other day on the table. We are gonna brand more calves this Wednesday. We are roping them.
  I think I popped a rib out last week. I thought it was getting better. Friday it started to really bother me now I cant hardly move my neck. It SUCKS!!! I tried a trick my Dad swore by, Laying on the floor and rolling a tennis ball under your back on the sore spot. It helps a little bit.
  The W.R.C.A had a Ranch Rodeo yesterday in our town. I learned alot just watching them guy's. Sharon went with me and said she enjoyed it also. She did take her knitting and got alot done.
I mowed our acre + yard yesterday before the rodeo. Man it sure looks so much better. Got more to mow and weed whack. But its a really good start.
  Sharon and I feel like we are starting to fall into a rut. We really havent been doing anything to fun lately. So we are gonna try to have a date night or something. Even if it is just go into town for dinner and a slice of pie. I've got a hell'va good woman here and she sure make's me proud!
  I still haven't found my good camera. I'm pretty dang sure it's in the house but I can't find it. It will show up in the last place I expect it. Thats about all I've got for today. Until next time take care.


Crystal said...

Spring is kinda a busy season for everyone. But will soon slow down for summer and I hope the weather warms up soon!

Shirley said...

Fixin' fence is high priority but low on the list of favorite things to do.
Date night sounds like a great idea, hope you and Sharon find a good place to go. Ted and I have our 16 year anniversary next Friday. :0)