Wednesday, May 30, 2012


  Went over to HQ last Monday and helped them brand. They use calf tables and motorbikes on that side. I think I got a promotion. I ran the head catch and branded. No pushing calves and getting kicked here. It works for them. It's not my favorite way to brand. But it works and gets the job done.
  We have been working cows around. Getting ready to brand on our side. We branded a small bunch on Thursday. We headed and heeled them. Now that is fun and the way to brand calves.Then Sharon and I went to our friends branding this weekend. It was so nice to hang out and visit. We saddled our horse's at 3:45 breakfast at 4am. I took Roller over there and put some hard miles on him gathering. Its good for him builds character. He had a few issue's in the branding trap the first day. The guys that were there are all really handy. They just stepped up and help him and I through the tough spots. Sure is nice. Saturday was a great day sunny no wind. Sunday was a windy dusty day. We had probably 30 mph winds and a touch of hail. You would throw your rope and it would come back and catch you. Tough roping but it just made it more of a challenge. Here's Roller standing hobbled he did alot of that.
Crew riding drag.
Best seat in the house.
Going over and helping the neighbors brand tomorrow. We will be heeling and using Nord forks. Should be fun. We will ship a bunch of dry cows out in the afternoon. Clicking on the pics makes em bigger. Until next time tame care


Shirley said...

Busy season for cowboys isn't it. By the end of it Roller will be well on his way to becoming a top ranch horse for you, pretty nice getting help from the other hands.

Crystal said...

Hes looking good, and I really enjoy branding season, and I think my horses do too, it gives them a job to do.