Saturday, June 23, 2012


   We tryed baling yesterday at 6am the hay was drier than a popcorn fart on a windy day.We got some baled but dang. We started trying to bale hay at 4am this morning. About 4:30 just when the  hay was almost ready to bale, We got a fog bank. The temp dropped and we got moisture. We didnt start baling till all most 10.Then it got hot fast!! We stopped baling about 2. Here's what my view looked like.I spent most of the day looking at the back of the tractor. 
  Here's the "pick up" grabbing a windrow of hay. Going into the rollers.
Rollers working making a round bale.Almost ready to dump the bale. See the left the little stop sign. That tells me when to drop the bale.
My view through the windshield.
 Until next time take care


Sarah said...

look at those windrows! Amazing! You say hot and dry, but your still on the lucky side. Most folks around here have turned their cows into the hay b/c there wasn't anything there. The handful that are trying can't even see the windrows after the swather goes through. Pretty pathetic! Sure do miss last years moisture!

lisa said...

We were able to get some of our first cutting hay done last weekend, you sure have your work cut out for you! We only have 10 acres to do and we do that in incrimates because of the hubby being gone during the week.

Shirley said...

Too wet to cut here, even though the hay is ready.