Saturday, May 12, 2012


  We have been busy here, If you can imagine being busy on a cattle ranch. We have been moving cow around and getting them into some summer pastures. Figuring out how we are gonna brand this year. Sounds like we are gonna Rodear them. Means brand them outside not bring them into the corrals. Less stress on them. We won't have to trail them 2 ways. We will push them into a low spot with a fence on one side or corner them.Go in and rope the calves out of the herd. We will head an heel them. I can't wait for that!! I think I put over twenty five miles on my pony yesterday morning, Pretty sure its way more than that.
  Sharon and I are going to Casper to eat some Thia food. We are think we will get it to go and have a picnic at the park by the river. I want to go to the Salvation Army thift store. I need a new sweat shirt. I have a hard time paying $30-40 for a sweat shirt Im gonna wear to work that is gonna get greasy or holes in it the first time I wear it. The cows don't care what I look like.
   When I got home yesterday afternoon I gathered the bulls with the cake truck. So we could haul them to summer pasture before we turn them out. I opened a gate and turned water on for the yearling replacement heifers. They can drift into summer pasture. We will move them around acouple times. Here's my big helpers.
Just to much excitement for them. One's asleep in my lap and the other is yawning.
Until next time take care


Sarah said...

Looks like your well taken care of in the help department! Nothing like a couple of pups for good company! We have some neighbors that brand that way, but I've never managed to be home when it's going on. We always bring them all in and sort off the calves into seperate corrals. Then use the calf table for branding. The mom's all stand around in the pasture in a semi-circle waiting for their calf to have it's turn and be released. I've always wondered though, when you're doing it the rope and wrestle way, with them all mixed into the cows, how do you make sure you got everyone? Seems like it would be easy to overlook somebody. I know you'll be busy working, but maybe your wife can get some pictures of it for us?

Crystal said...

That sounds like a fun way to do a branding, we corral ours then rope them that way, but then our corral is in the field the cows are in so its not to far to move them in there.