Saturday, May 5, 2012

Pairing out

Here's my morning greeter. Just ready to go to work.
I was pairing out this morning. I took Roller. I'm riding him in the two rein. It's taking me a bit to learn how to hold two sets of reins and use them. I think I'm starting to get the hang of it though.
I took this shot following pairs. Here we are working on getting a softer feel. Trying to get him give his head to me.
Pairs turned out of the calving pasture.
Well this was my morning. I spent the late week running a a trencher and putting in water lines and a couple tire tanks. We will now have more water in pastures. Its a good thing. I spent Thursday at the top of a wind mill. We were gonna pull the head off. But our truck was to short or the wildmill was to tall. It was kinda fun standing at the top when the wind started to really blow.
Until next time take care.


aurora said...

Great way to spend the morning, better then on top of a windmill!

Never heard of using two reins, curious what the thought is behind it. A training method to switch to using different pressure points?

Crystal said...

I have never used a two rein, I think I would forget which rein goes to which, but I see yours are quite different so that must help.