Monday, December 26, 2011


  We went to Dubois Wyo for Christmas. It was great to see family and friends. I bought a horse up there. I think he will be a good horse. He's on the thin side but I'll get him on some good feed and he'll put weight on. He's a sorrel with three white socks. He kinda reminds me of a horse I seen in a Charlie Russell picture. I'll get a picture of him.
   Had a really good visit with my Dad. He gave me an set of tires that are studded. So we spent some time pulling studs and talking. There are 80 studs in a tire. The tires are used but still have 75% tread left. I'll spend some time this winter pulling the studs out of the other two tires. More time than money...........haha.
   My Aunt and Uncle had a great potluck Christmas dinner. 12 fun people around the table laughing and sharing story's. Lots of fun.
  Until next time take care


lisa said...

We bought the daughter studs but our tire man tells us they really aren't worth buying that studless snow tires are just as nice. I think that is what I will be putting on my car. That is a lot of studs to be pulling and I bet they aren't fun to pull either ;)

Shirley said...

So you going to call the gelding Charlie?
Sounds like it was a good Christmas for you and your family.