Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Other night

  The other afternoon I gathered and moved 24 bulls about 2-3 miles. I don't know if you have ever moved bulls, but they move like drunk ADD frat boys on spring break. All over the place with no sense of direction. I got them in their new home around 5pm, so it was just about dark. So I was riding back to the truck and trailer in the dark under half a full moon. It was one of the most peaceful times I think I have ever had. I riding my mare with my lil blue dog trotting behind me. It was a clear sky the stars shining bright about 10-15 degrees. The snow was crunching under my horse's hooves.  I could see the town lights on the  horizon. I have been thinking about that night for the last couple days, just how great it is to be doing what I do. Thats what I have to say. Ok there is more but I'm not the greatest writer. I would like to tell how the air felt on my face. The chill felt in the finger tips. Thinking about unsaddling and giving oats to my pony. She has been earning her oats the last couple days. Knowing that when I get home I have a beautiful woman waiting for me. I guess it just the little thinks in life that are really the big things. Until next time take care.

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Shirley said...

Those are the moments that make the most precious memories.