Saturday, March 1, 2014


You ever have someone in your life who taught you something and helped guide you through a rough time? But you didn't realize it at the time? A person who was there? Not for problems you were dealing with but just there to talk. This person I'm talking about is my hunting mentor. He is a hunting fool. A real mountain man. That being said with the utmost respect. I learned to hunt and guide from him. Together we hunted pigs, deer, turkey, quail, pigeons, ducks and coyotes. Oh and fishing trout in the mountains and rock fish in the ocean. The memories and stories I have of hunting with him I will share with my daughter. It's hard to write this because I remember another story he told me or an adventure we had. I would love to share them with you but then this would be a book. This picture of him was taken when I shot my first deer in '02 it was a late season draw tag in the Ventana wilderness.

I shot a nice forky blacktail. He wasn't a monster but I was hunting with a great friend on a draw tag in wild county. It was a great hunt. I got him mounted and every time I see him on the wall it brings a smile.
That's the Pacific ocean in the back ground. I packed the deer out about 2miles out to the truck. He was shot in one of the draws over my right shoulder.

One of the pigs we guided.

I owe a huge thank you to Eldon for spending the time to teach me skills that I use all the time. Skills that I will share with my daughter. Until next time take care.

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Crystal said...

How awesome to have a friend like that! Everyone needs someone to talk to, we usually can figure out our own solutions if we have someone to talk to that will actually listen