Sunday, March 30, 2014


The new job is going good. Been learning alot fast. I've been putting in lots of hours. Its funny how I used to think a semi-truck was big. Now it's just a large car. It feels strange in a normal sized vehicle.
We are wanting to buy a home. So these long hours have a purpose and a goal. We would like a couple acres and a 3-4 bedroom home. Something comfortable with a fireplace or a place to put a wood burner.
A friend of my Mom send Ruby an Easter dress. Its really pretty and very girly. Daddy's little girl all dolled up.

Until next time take care


Wander Woman said...

Hey, Jake, glad you are doing well with your truck driving! My son in law got his CDL two years ago. He drives for FedEx. Ruby looks beautiful in her Easter dress! She's a keeper for sure! I always read your blog, but don't always comment. Have enjoyed watching your family grow! All the best!!


CDH said...

Love the Easter dress.
Driving a semi is so much fun! There's 3 on the ranch that I drive. An old cab over freight liner with a 48 foot trailer for hauling hay, an old 66 peterbuilt dump truck, and an 80 something 6x6 Mack with a 5000 gallon water tank for fighting range fires.
Have fun with the new job.
Good luck house hunting!

Shirley said...

Just catching up on your blog- your daughter looks pretty spiffy in that dress, and the photo of her in her first jeans is darn cute. Lots of cowboys go from ranching to truck driving, the benefits of pension and medical coverage sure do help when you have a family to consider. Hope you find a good place to live- do you still have your horses?