Friday, December 14, 2012

Good Day

  Went and help a neighbor sort and ship calves today. We sorted them horseback so much fun that way. When we sort ours we do it afoot cause we just arent set up to use horses that way. I really liked doing it horseback. He had  some calves in that needed DR'ing so we roped and DR'd them. Trotted out and checked his yearlings. I really like my horse El Gato. He is just awesome.
    Sharon entered a sweater she knitted in the Make it with Wool competition. She won the state!!!! I am so proud of her!! There is no national competition for her category.
   The baby is now at 24 weeks. Sharon is now calling the Jelly Bean, Wiggles. The Bean is now the size of a cantalope.
 Untill next time take care


Linda said...

Oh my goodness, the time is flying. That Baby Wiggles will be here before you know it. What a wonderful honor for Sharon's sweater to win the state competition. Congratulations to her.

Shirley said...

Congratulations to Sharon!

Crystal said...

That is cool to win with her knitting!