Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Rough month

    When I was guiding I lost the starter on my truck. I put a new one in the dark so I could use my truck the next day.Then 2 days later the front wheel bearing burned up. Got my truck towed and fixed. When I picked it up my battery's were dead so I got to buy 2 new batterys.
   Our pastor from Crowheart WY past away last week of a massive heart attack. His service was today. We really wanted to go but we shipped cows today. So I couldn't get the time to go. That and we had a really good snow come in last night.
  My horse Roller twisted a gut and died on me today when I was gathering cows. Its a bummer he was my friend. I learned alot from him. Never forget you buddy.
 Now for some good news. My Mom came up and baby sat the dogs when I was guiding and Sharon was in Salt Lake City at the Quilting Summit. I got to spend a little time with Mom and enjoyed it very much. Sharons parents are here now we are having a great visit. We went a got a pumkins the other day. We didn't do the corn maze but we had a good time. Then went to Ft. Laramie and looked at history. It was a good day.
  We got some snow today!!! And we have enough to measure.
  Until next time take care


Crystal said...

Wow a lot sure has happened this month! Glad you got to see your Mom and make up for some of the bad stuff. I hear our storm came from your way so glad you got some and we didnt get it all ;)

Shirley said...

Oh no sure am sorry to hear about Roller, and your pastor. Hope your tough luck is behind you now for a long time.

Sally said...

So glad to be able to to come up, was so good to be there. Loved seeing what you do, the cattle work, Stan and his trophy animals, and just spending time with you. Glad your'e having having a good visit with Jan and Anita too.