Friday, October 21, 2011

Today's works

  Started the day a little earlier than normal. I showed up to work this morning to saddle my horse at 5am. I didn't need to be there till 5:30 or quarter till 6. I just wanted to be early. We were meeting some neighbors at 7. We were gathering cows today and moving then from summer pasture to winter pasture.  It was really nice to get my horse saddled and just drink my coffee as she ate her oats. It was still dark out and just kinda relaxing to listen to Lilly munch oats.  How peaceful the morning was waiting for the sun to come up and start the day. I got some pictures of the day not many but a few the show how great it is where I live and what I get to do. These pictures were taken with my old broken camera that now resides in my saddle pockets. I took this picture acouple months ago but forgot I took it. Glad I found it.
   Here we have the cows gathered and were getting ready to drive them north to winter pasture. Our winter pasture was live water that doesn't freeze. We will turn off the wind mills in summer pastures and drain the tanks to winterize them.
Brian is holding herd to my right. Pretty big country huh?
We finished off our day working on the corral. We are replacing the old wood posts and boards with steel posts and continuous fencing. So much nicer! We still have a lot of fence to replace but it will be so nice to work animals when we are done.
Well that is my day. Hope you enjoyed my day as much as I did. :) Until time take care
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Wander Woman said...

Wow, Jake, just wow! I always marvel at your blog and the life you live. Being a cowboy in the 21st century! They haven't yet figured out how to use technology to do your job! Good on ya!

Happy Trails!

Linda said...

Nice country! Who made your saddle??

Jinglebob said...

Yup, 'tis the season for the reason, ain't it? :-)

Jake said...

Linda- It was made by Jon Catherwood of Spear over 3 saddles.

Jen- Thanks for the nice comment. Doing what Im doing really makes me feel like Im really alive.