Thursday, October 27, 2011


  We will be gathering and shipping cows and calves the next couple weeks. Here's some pictures of gathering our Lance Creek Pasture. Sorry no pictures of cows this round. I was to busy. I took these watering my horse. We gathered half this pasture on Monday, we will gather the rest closer to when we ship there. We went over yesterday to main headquarters and helped them gather and ship. Today we moved yearling heifers to another pasture at my place and moved some bulls around. Then I went and started to build a stack yard for more hay at another pasture. Just getting ready for winter. Now for some pictures.
  Fancy earned this drink! We figured I put 20+++ miles on her today.
More of the pasture.
I had my rope down playing around with Fancy. Swinging the rope around her trying to teach her it's a good thing. The cinch my wife build for me.
And a windmill for my wife.
 Well thats what I got for now. Click on pictures makes them bigger. Until next time take care.

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Shirley said...

That's a good day's ride. Pretty mare too.