Saturday, October 15, 2011

Im back from Hunting Camp

   I got home late last night from hunting camp where I was guiding antelope and a deer hunts. I really enjoy guiding it's a lot of fun and I get to meet people from all over the country. I guide for the Rockin' 7. Here's some picture's of happy hunters. Here's Jerry with his first antelope. He shot him at just under 29 yards. Great shooting and a nice goat.
Blake with his first goat 185 yards shooting downhill in the rain and wind. We put a tough stalk on this speed goat!
Blake and I posing with his goat.
Max with another nice goat. This was a fun hunt, we spotted this 'lope on his first day hunting and it gave us the slip three times. We got it late in the afternoon of the second day. Lots of hiking for this one.
JT and Josh, father and son.  JT retired from the Forest Service and was given a cull buck hunt as a present. What a great present!! Beats a watch any day!! Josh came up and got a nice doe antelope. They both are wildland firefighters. So we had alot to talk about I worked a summer as a wildland firefighter. So we know a couple of the same people. Really good guys! Just like hanging out with friends.
Dale and Mark, father and son. Mark got this 'lope late on the first day. Dale missed a shot on his the second day and we just couldn't quite get on one after that.
So this is what I've been doing the last 14 day's. Keeping real busy and not been around a computer to post. Until next time take care


Shirley said...

Looks like you have that guiding thing all figured out, judging by the success of the hunts.
Did you know that Mountain Goats are part of the antelope family?

Anonymous said...

WOW! Sally