Friday, April 29, 2011

Work Routine

    The routine lately at work has been great!! It doesn't get much better that what Im gonna tell you. We have been starting at 7 am on these nicer mornings. If it is gonna be really cold or snowy we ride out at 6am or before. We are calving right now so we are checking the heifers 2-3 times a day. It is soooo great to do what I love AND I get paid to do it. Well if you call ranch hand wages getting paid. Hahaha.
  It is really good for my mare to do the work she is doing. I am learning so much from my boss on horse training. We ride out and are checking the calves that were born at night, making sure they are up and not chilled down. Riding out in the mornings with the sun cresting over the horizon, the clouds drifting over head. The horse between my knees feeling frisky and wanting to step out. I enjoy the warmth the trot brings to my horse and myself. Dropping the ear flaps down on the wool cap is a little pleasure I enjoy on frosty mornings. It really makes a guy feel alive on mornings like that. Watching the world came alive and being a part of it not just an observer.
  We then pair out the calves that were born the day before it another pasture. It makes it easy to keep track of whats been born and to who. Cutting out pairs is a good way for a horse to learn cow work.
   When we are done checking cows we start our other work for the day. I have been fixing fence. I like it's great to work by myself with just the dog for company. I love the country we are in, the prairie is so pretty.
Well enough ramblings for now. I'll try not to take so long to post again. Take care

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