Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Chinks part 1

  I am building a pair of chinks for myself, and will try to get pictures of the building process.

I just finished drawing out the yoke and side panel patterns.
Here is the chink pattern on the leather. I am tracing the pattern on the leather to cut. It is real nice leather.
Cutting out a leg. Its a pretty color of leather, can wait to get blood and crap on them......Haha -It means they are getting used the way they are supposed to be.

 I turned over the leg that was cut out. Now Im using it as a pattern for the other leg. Im just scratching the leather to leave a light line that I can see to make my cuts.

Heres both legs. All of this is rough cut. Thats all I have for tonight. 

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Sally said...

Looks like a good start, glad you are able to work on them.