Monday, June 25, 2018

Chatting w/ Mom

   I was chatting with my Mom this afternoon. She is going to South Africa on a mission trip at the end of the month.  Im pretty proud of her for going, its really stepping out of her comfort zone. She's never been out of the country.  Well my parent's did drive to Alaska for their honeymoon.
   She was ssy that they were having some communication troubles with the hosts in S. Africa. Them not calling back in what we consider a timing manner. Then it was explained to the church that the African people don't use watches or really use clocks.
   They live in the moment. I really like that.  We are always rushing here or there. Saying well we have 3 hrs to have fun then its time for dinner or whatever. Where as them is living in the moment.  If your having fun then stay and have fun. No time limits.
Be safe and live in the moment.


aurora said...

Kudos to your mom for being brave. Missionary work is wonderful. She will experience so much of what really matters.

Jake said...

I know she will have a blast! I told just relax and enjoy the experience. And be safe!

Shirley said...

Our priest is from Nigeria. I enjoy his stories about what life is like there. I hope your mom has a safe trip. Blessings to her!