Sunday, May 18, 2014

Night Shift

I've have be working nightshift this week and next week also. Lots of hours. I don't mind working nights. It tough to get enough sleep but I like seeing my girls in the morning when I get home. Ruby is up and in a good mood and really happy to see me. I get to spend time with my girls before I go to bed. Then I see them before I leave for work. On day shift they are still sleeping when I leave and cranky and tired when I get home. Im hauling water tonight to fill a big tank. We are running around the clock on this job.

And now the important stuff. The Ruby update. Sharon sent this picture to me the other morning. Ruby had only been awake acouple minutes. She's ready to take on the world.

Well until next time take care


Crystal said...

Night shift is tough to get enough sleep, but getting to see Ruby happy has to be worth it

Shirley said...

Nice to see that happy little face! I never liked night shift, but you've got some good reasons to.