Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mothers day

We were gonna have a relaxing day yesterday. I worked 15 1/2 hrs the day before so we were just gonna take it easy and have a nice dinner at home. I had a good nap then got a call to work at 4:30p to haul a load to a rig. So much for nice dinner at home. So I spent the night in my trucks sleeper. Its 5am and finally unloading. Ill take Sharon and Ruby out tonight or soon to make up for this.
Ruby is just amazing to watch grow. She is so much fun. She said her first word the other day. It was doggie not momma or dadda. I see where we rate.

We went and visited one of Sharons friends and they gave us this keyboard that looks like a cat. She loves it. Its so cool to watch how happy she gets playing on it. We love the concerts also. Just wish we could turn the volume down sometimes.

That's about it here. Until next time take care. Happy Mothers Day.


lisa said...

She is just adorable! They do grow fast and when they are little is some of the most precious times of their lives, enjoy!

Shirley said...

Happy Mother's day Sharon!

Crystal said...

Glad you are back at work, even if it is long hours and interrupted your plans. Boy that Ruby is sure adorable and growing so fast!