Tuesday, April 24, 2012


  Been kinda busy with calving  and everything else we are trying to get done. I helped sew up my first prolapsed cow Saturday night. Sharon and I had the grill going and I had just taken the veggie off and was gonna put the Burgers on when my boss called and ask for me to help with the heifer. Heck yea!! I wanted to see how it is done. We used the Hydrabed bail feeder and a chain. We chained her hind legs then just lifted her up. Really slick. Everything pretty much slid back in. Then we put a couple stitches in and she was done. She is doing great.
   We have been putting in a new water line and a solar well. Gonna get more water to the cows. We have a trencher sure makes digging easier.
That white line in the water pipe.

Heres what some of the days have been like here.
We were working on the pipeline today and a thunderstorm came over us. We were hoping to get wet. No luck it just sprinkled. We saw lightning bolt strike the earth then saw smoke a couple minute later.. Uh-oh not good. It ended up burning one of our pastures. We lost over half of it I'm thinking... I got some pictures of the fire on my phone but can't put them on here.
  I went to Torington on Sunday and worked with Tom on my horse's he showed me some really cool things to work on. Lots of good tips.
 Thats about it here. Until next time take care

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Shirley said...

Thunderstorms here too, no fires though. Pretty efficient way to handle the prolapse.