Thursday, April 12, 2012


   I rode G my new horse Tuesday morning to check the heifers. He was feeling kinda frisky and was really looking around. We trotted a little I broke him into a lope then back to a trot as we came on some cows. Next thing I know is Im watching him go away from me and Im flat on my back. I don't think he bucked I think he just sucked backed and spun to the right. This is what happened to my gear.
  Broke my McCarty and the headstall. The good news is he didn't break my hackamore. I didn't have to hard of a time catching him. Took him back to the barn and got my snaffle bit on him. Finished check heifers with no problems. We then went and gathered cows.  I took him on the long circle. We pounded a bunch of rocks that day. Let just say we put on the hard miles. He was a bit tired at the end of the day. We sorted a jag of cows and put them in a pasture so we could move them on Wednesday.
  Yesterday I rode Roller to check heifers then we moved them cows down to the ES pasture so they can calve. It was a couple miles my boss and I trailed them. Roller was tired at the end of the day also.
  I rode G today today check the heifers he was alot better. Then I went and fenced the rest of the day.
Heres some calves, and the baby sitter.

 My helpers from Sunday.
   If you get the Western Horseman there is a great article in the May issue on the ranch my friends manage. The run the ID ranch. They are really good people and helped me so much. I wrote about the branding last year on my blog. It was a great time. The pictures WH has are great.There is one shot of me in the magazine. Until next time take care


Shirley said...

Boy those surprise dismounts are tough- at least when they buck you know it's coming and can prepare your dismount a little. Glad the only thing broke is your gear.
I'll have to pick up the May WH- always nice to see a story on someone familiar.

Crystal said...

I will have to watch for that issue, thats neat when its someone you know in there.

Glad you didnt get hurt on that dismount, sounds kinda suprising!

gtyyup said...

Bummer on the mecate rein! Colt stumbled in a bog one time and stepped on his, but luckily only the hanger broke. Of course it was an inopportune time as the cows were headin' the wrong way and I had no steering!!!

Glad you're OK too...I hate that feeling...especially as I get older ;~)

You got some good lookin' helpers there!