Saturday, November 17, 2018

Hunting again

    Went trying to fill my deer tag last weekend.  I stayed local, about an hour from home. Lots of hiking and glassing. I saw lots of mule deer and mule bucks. But the area I was in was just for whitetail deer.
    I got a couple really good hikes in. My body is telling my I need to get out and hike/walk alot more.
  I found some old abandoned homes.  Love finding stuff like that really makes ya think about life. What happened to the people?
    My buddy called as I was leaving  and told me he just got his turkey tag filled. Then asked if I wanted to fill mine. Heck yea! Told him I didn't have my shotgun.  He said no worries,  I could use his. We met up and I got a nice little jake for Thanksgiving.
   Ruby was super excited when I got home. She helped me process and break him down. She was so full of questions.  It was great getting to show her where food comes from.  She kept asking about parts of the bird. What's this? What's that?
   One of the funniest things is when I split the crop accidentally and she saw all the corn and grain he'd eaten.  She said he didn't chew his food very well. I tried explaining to her her how that works but she was over it and on to something else.
Take care


Shirley said...

Looks like dinner will be good at Thanksgiving for you and your family!

Jake said...

Yes, definitely. Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.