Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Wrecked truck

I got in truck accident last night on my way to work. Im fine. Im really sore and the Dr. thinks I cracked a rib or just bruised it bad. My truck is totaled. The other truck is totaled as well. The good thing is everyone was wearing a seatbelt. The driver of the other truck just sprained his ankle. His passenger got pretty bruised up. I dont think he broke anything.
The pickup was in the opposite lane of traffic from then turned left in front of me. I try to stop but I was doing 50-55mph. It happened on the hiway.

Im just so happy no-one was killed or crippled. My truck in the day light.

Seatbelts save lives! Make sure you put one on every time you get behind the wheel. Take the time to kiss your loved ones. Life can change in a split second.
Until next time take care


Shirley said...

Holy crap! You are lucky you aren't all busted up like your truck!!!! If you had been driving a car instead of that big pickup you might not be here to tell the tale. You're right, every moment is precious, always kiss your sweetheart and your kids when you leave.

lisa said...

Oh my, You both where very lucky to walk away from that! Makes you appreciate life that much more.

Crystal said...

Oh ouch! Quick healing thoughts coming your way.