Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Great weekend

  This is just a quick blog update cause its late and I need to get to bed. But.... We had a GREAT weekend. I entered in my first ranch roping/3 man doctoring in Thermopolis. That was fun. I enter a picked team with a father and son. The other team I was on was a draw team.
 Here's a shot of El Gato with a calf on the line.
Then Sunday at the Chariot race's I outrode. After the chariots were done they had a outrider race. Heck yea!!! Any chance to go fast. El Gato and I placed 8th out of eight riders but we had fun.

It was so good to go home to Dubois for a visit. We stayed at my Aunt and Uncles home. They are the best people. On our way home we stopped by and visited Dad and Darwins graves.
until next time take care


Shirley said...

That outrider race looks like a lot of fun! Hope everything is going well for Sharon.

Linda said...

Were you outriding for John and Betty? How did they do? The outrider race looks like a blast! El Gato is learning to do lots of things since you two have teamed up.