Wednesday, August 22, 2012


 Sorrry I'm been really busy. Lame excuse but its true. So we went to California for my sister-in-laws wedding . 2,536 miles in 6 days we were in Long Beach for 2 days. Very fast trip. I got to see my brother and his family for about 45 minutes. I brought him some stuff he wanted of our Fathers. Good visit just like the trip way to fast.
   We have been haying and fixing windmillls oh yea and we had a fire lost and couple more hundred acres of grazing. We are going for a 3rd cutting of hay. I'm kinda thinking its gonna be a hard winter after the open and warm one we had last year.
    I have some pictures to post here be the camera is still in the truck. My In-law are here visiting in good look see them. I know we just saw them 2 weeks ago. My father-in -law went to work with me today and helped us pull the pump out of a windmill. So nice to have a 3rd guy!!!!
  Well dinner is really so until next time take care


aurora said...

Sorry to hear about the fire, that's scary. You have been busy, nice to have some extra help. Will look forward to seeing the pics, when you get a breather. We're thinking it's going to be a hard(er) winter too.

Shirley said...

You sure have been busy, but that's hat happens in summertime. sorry to hear about the fire, that's a lot of grazing lost.
It's supposed to be an El Nina winter, which is usually a wet one.

Crystal said...

I too am afraid for a cold winter this year, which is too bad, I kinda liked last years open winter (and we got enough rain in the spring it was OK moisture wise. That is one long trip and it always is too short.