Monday, July 16, 2012

Been a while

To quote a friend " We have been running around like a head with a chicken cut off ". Lets see what we have been doing. We finished the first cutting of hay and I got it picked up and stacked.
Hay just off the field I just slid it off the truck.
Hay in rows. Ready to feed.
Bulls just turned out headed to the girls. Time to get to work boys. Have fun.

We went to the parade in town the other night. The Legend of Rawhide.

We branded 2 bunches of calves last week. We branded 325-350. Head and healed them. So fun! We are doing our last bunch of calves this week. I'll try to get some pictures of the branding. Until next time take care

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Crystal said...

We are tryin to get hay done, but after having 200 acres swathed the tractor broke down and then we got rain but hopefully we are back on track again.
Bareback in a parade? Pretty brave guy Id say.