Wednesday, January 11, 2012


  Saturday we went to Casper to do the monthly grocery shopping. On the way over we stopped at the main HQ and I loaded up a couple bags of oats for Roller. Showed Sharon a little more of the ranch. We didn't make it to the hunting lodge. Maybe another trip.
  It was a really nice day. We went out for Thai food and just enjoyed being together. Then we went to a yarn shop. Sharon spent almost 2 hrs there. It is really cool to see her so happy and excited. I almost took a little nap there but every time I would nod off she would ask what I thought about some thing. We then went to the Sportsmans Warehouse and we both got a new pair of shoes. I got a nice pair of slip-ons. Then off to Wal-Mart. Yuck but all your shopping needs under one roof. Then home.
   Sunday we just hungout did a little reading and watched some movies. Real mellow day.
On the work front just been feeding cows. We had a leak in a water pipe we fixed on Monday and Tuesday. We had really warm weather so we could dig it up. The ground wasn't froze solid.
  Here's the sunset from last night.
I really like this shot.
Click to make bigger.
Until next time take care


Jinglebob said...

I been wondering about you. Was worried you'd ate too much chicken and had a turn for the worse! ;-)

I like that shot too!

Shirley said...

It takes a real man to be happy sitting waiting for his wife while she shops;0)
I love that last photo too, should be in a calendar.